4.1: Trends and Utility

Hello Again! Remember a few blog posts ago when I made a prediction on where I thoughtbeyonce-super-bowl social media was headed? I just know you’ve hung on to every word I’ve said so I’m sure you know exactly what I’m talking about! But I know it was a big weekend with Super Bowl and everything (Beyonce rocked it by the way), so just incase you SLEEPY here’s a

refresher: I said it would become more specialized and more photo/video focused! Ahhh yesss now I remember that post! Well the rest of the world has now 1/2 caught up with me!!! I TOLD YOU I WAS PSYCHIC! And yes I said HALF caught up with me. Apparently,  more focused and specialized social media isn’t a huge trend just yet (but I’m sure it’s getting there), however the photo/video focused social media is HERE!

It’s here and it’s growing fast!



Pinterest is a newer social media site that is growing EXTREMELY fast, with growth of 1000% in just 12 months! It’s one of the biggest trends kicking off Social Media in 2013 (Souza, 2013). Pinterest is a social media site in which you


can share pictures, and attach a link to it. For example, if you are shopping online at the Gap and find a cute sh

irt you JUST HAVE TO HAVE, and want to show all of your friends what you are purchasing, you can “pin” it to Pinterest.

When your friend sees that picture on their pinterest “board” then they can click it and it will bring them to the exact page you pinned if from. COOL RIGHT? We’ll apparently everyone else thinks so too!

This is excellent for increasing brand awareness, and drive traffic to your website (Arthur, 2012). How does it create awareness you ask? Well 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and the brain processes visuals 60,000x faster than text (Sibley, 2012). Meaning that by using Pinterest they will understand the message faster, and hopefully have a higher recall rate of your brand/product/ad. 


Brand your content on Pinterest, and increase brand awareness.  Additionally, 21% of people with Pinterest accounts have purchased an item after seeing it on Pinterest, and have generated more referral traffic for businesses than Goolge+, YouTube, and LinkedIn combined (Sibley, 2012). I’d say those are already great reasons to look further into the Pinterest trend! More traffic AND people will know who I am?? YES PLEASE!

Okay so it sounds great, but how would I go about using it? First things first you need to position yourself, you need to be able to stand out to competitors. For an example we will use Ally’s Style (It’s Fake..just go with it). Ally’s Style is an AWESOME store with the cutest clothes known to man kind, obviously.


But if Ally’s Style joined Pinterest it would be put up against a million other clothing stores trying to reach consumers. SO we need a position. For example Ally’s Style could be “affordable style”, “quality comfort”, “modern style”, or “luxury style”. Your position on Pinterest has to be apparent and represent your store, it’s the only way you will attract your target market and become a successful Pinner. From there you can pin not only your products, but things that influence your style. For example, “affordable style” could not only show the affordable clothes Ally’s Style has to offer, but unique ways to transform an old sweatshirt into a sweet going out shirt to save money! This will engage your customer to want to follow your pins, while still deciding if they are going to buy from you! Affordable style could then post new hairstyle to wear with Ally’s Style’s “Affordable Accessories”. With an appropriate positioning strategy it’s more likely that your Pinterest efforts will be successful.

Pinterest is a new and exciting trend, SO GET WITH IT!! Thanks again for reading my blog, and please leave comments on any suggestion you have for a first time Pinner for business!


Don’t Believe Me? Ask these people:

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