Back for more? Thanks!


Back for more? Thanks!


Now that I’ve finally convinced you that Social Media is essential, I want to explain to you why it needs to be mobile. Yep, I’m creating more work for YOU, but it’s worth it I swear. This one takes some time, especially if you have a large inventory. “Oh great… what is she going to make me do now? I’ve done everything she’s asked and she still wants more? She is needy…” Did I forget to mention I was psychic? It will eventually help you grow revenue, so bear with me!

Bar code scanning is an older mobile application that has been progressing more and more with time (don’t you wish everything could do that? Come on economy… catch on to this magnificent trend!).  It has leveled the playing feel and created free publicity for all businesses with low prices.

Okay that’s great and everything but what does bar code scanning actually do? What kind of information can you pull up? By scanning product bar codes with a mobile device’s camera you can pull up not only the price of the item in the store, but also the price of the item at stores near you , as well as online prices. Guaranteeing that you are getting the lowest price for your item!! HOW COOL IS THAT? I just drove an extra 5 miles and saved $20!!! WOHOO! Okay I may be frugal.. but it’s got to be somewhat exciting for you too.. right?

Just in case I’m wrong.. I’ve got more convincing coming your way! With Imagebar code scanners, not only are you getting the lowest price but you are also pulling up reviews. For example, say you are trying to decide between a Samsung 51” LED television and a
Panasonic 51” LED… both have all the features you want… but which one is better? SCAN THE BAR CODE.. this pulls up customer reviews and some apps will even prioritize your friends’ reviews so you can get the utmost personal opinions.


I hope you haven’t left me for your nearest mall, because now we need to talk about how it will grow your business. I promise after you can sprint to the mall with your new bar code application.


First here are some stats:

  • 44 million people have a scanner app on their cell phone (AT&T) (your target market has got to be somewhere in there….)
  • 44% use UPC bar codes (AT&T)
  • Between January 2011 and October 2011  more than 10.4million scans passed through the AT&T Code Management Platform (AT&T) (Hint: That’s only ONE cell phone company!)
  • Are you an online company? A global company? Scans come from over 125 different countries every single day! (ScanLife)

So, when you upload your inventory and prices into a mobile bar code scanner application, and a scanner is at another store scanning a bar code/UPC connected to one of your products – there are a few things that will happen.Your store’s product price will pop-up for the customer to compare. Additionally, your company information will show up so consumers can familiarize themselves with the company.

Are your company’s prices higher? It’s okay, it will still give that consumer interaction with your brand. Additionally, if the consumer’s friends have shopped at your store and left reviews, then they may be more willing to shop with you. Personal reviews place a higher value than pricing to some… (not me). Are you adding additional services to your price (installation, free delivery, etc.)? Show this in your description, it may be something other stores aren’t offering.

Lastly, if a consumer scans a UPC of an item stock item at one store, you could reap the benefits of stealing the customer. YESSS! Once they take one walk into your store they will never return to that awful competitor…right?? LET’S HOPE!

So get your inventory uploaded! BUILD … GET CUSTOMERS!

I told you I would convince you…

More people to believe!

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