Throw Everything I’ve Said Out the Window!

How Great Would This Feel?

You know everything you need to know about social media right? You know some of the best way to use it, you know why it’s important for business no matter who your customer is, and you know how to avoid being a hijack victim. Did you realize you’ve learned all that? WOW… impressive, huh? Take a minute to call up all your friends and brag… I’ll give you the right. You are so smart. Well lucky for you, if you are finally getting comfortable with social media and have really developed an AWESOME strategy… it’s now time to… THROW IT OUT THE WINDOW.

Don’t be scared

Okay, maybe keep some pieces. The social media networks are now maturing, which means there are most likely changes on its way. Those social media networks I named on my first post may not be the best networks for you a year from now. And just like I said in the second post.. . I’m a psychic. So I have some Social Media Evolution Predictions to WOW you.

Social Media will become more specialized.

Hmm… maybe inspired by MySpace?

There are hundreds of different media websites that are focused on a particular interest. For example, BakeSpace is a website  for those who love to cook. It allows you to share recipes , follow mentors, while sharing with old and new friends (“Bakespace,” ). Honestly just discovered this…but may start using it. There are so many undiscovered social media sites to browse! One that I do use is Flixster. This site allows you to check out movie times and download movies to watch across any Google, Android, or Apple device. Of course what I like about it is the social part. When I’m looking up what movies are playing at my local theater, I can instantly see what Rotten Tomatoes rated it, as well as what other people are saying. This has honestly talked me out of some movies I’ve wanted to see, and talked me into trying other movies I’ve ended up loving (of course I can’t name one off the top of my head…but I swear it happened). Basically what I’m saying is that more and more “niche” social networks like these are going to develop, and help cater to special interests. It brings people closer together who share a common interest. Now you don’t have to annoy people who don’t care, just so you can talk about what you love! My sister will be so relieved. “Social media is now starting to mature, fragment and specialize. Facebook, for now, are many people’s “home base”, but as in life, all people have to leave home sometimes. (Moorehead, 2012)”  I believe this to be the same for Twitter as well. These will still remain but that number of users daily will begin to decrease. Don’t worry I, of course, have statistics to back me up! The amount of visitors to these “niche” networks have been growing, with a 48.1% increase in the last three months (Nelms, 2011). Right now they are at the bottom of 50% of networks, but I believe this number will keep on growing (Nelms, 2011)..

More photo and video generated networks

On Facebook and Twitter photos bring in the highest number of engagement across the board, followed by text and video (Murphy, 19 J).  In just 9 months Pinterest accumulated about 120 million unique visitors. In January 2012, the average user was spending about 89 minutes per visit on Pinterest. Guilty as charged… I get so inspired to DIY and start pinning away.. of course I haven’t attempted one project yet, but that’s beside the point! Anyway! Pinterest is tied with Tumblr for the second highest average minutes per visitor, right behind Facebook (Silverman, 2012). At the beginning of 2012 Instagram had 15 million users. WEAK…eh, they could do better. Now Instagram has about 80million users. Now because of this sudden jump, it’s no surprise that 40% of the top brands are now on Instagram (Wasserman, 2012).   Do you get where I’m going here? These are both social media platforms dedicated to viewing pictures, and it’s because of these two ever so popular brands that I believe more photo and video (because let’s face it… random videos are the most entertaining at work) will quickly grow in the social media age.

More Social Media Management Apps

So now that we have all these new photo generated, and so many “niche” social media networks, how in the world are we going to manage them? I’m not sure if Hootsuite will be able to keep up with the 13 cooking networks I’m on. There is going to have to be more companies working on better ways of managing content. They will help users manage their entire social media networks, as well as helping businesses manage theirs. On top of this the social media analytics will have to be more developed, and provide more detailed insight in order to survive with the maturing social media age.  As long as social media is growing, I believe social media management tools will be growing as well.

So now that I gave you the insight into the next year … what are you going to do with it? PREPARE!!! Get ahead of the crowd. Join some niche networks your company fits into, and build awareness before those other brands jump in and overwhelm the user! Find creative ways to take photos and get your message across… POST THEM! Just get out there and be a head of the game…. Or you will have to keep reading these blogs. HOW AWFUL!

Get Ahead! Don’t Be this Guy… It’s Awkward.

Thanks for reading again! YOU ARE THE BEST!

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